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Made In The USA



The average onesie is made from pesticide-soaked cotton, in a third-world sweatshop, dyed with chemicals and printed with plastic before being stuffed on a store shelf. Not here. Never.


Everything we do is an attempt to improve what your little ones are wearing, and we had two simple goals when we started: use the highest-quality organic cotton available, and make every item here in the USA. As a small, family-owned company, that's no easy task. 


But we took it several steps farther. We wanted to know exactly where each piece to the clothing puzzle came from because, after all, this stuff was going to be touching our baby's skin and yours. So, we sourced the entire supply chain from scratch-- farmers, spinners, knitters, dyers and printers-- right down to the 100% organic cotton thread we use. Since our quantities were so small, it took us about three years to be 100% happy with our 100% organic choices.


And we're proud to say, most of the organic cotton we use is grown about four hours from our shop, by roughly 40 farmers in the South Plains of Texas. The result? Natural, breathable and sustainable clothing that’s incredibly safe, incredibly soft and durable, wash after wash.