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Our Story

The Nyme Organics Family

When our first daughter was born we did what most new parents do: yup, we panicked. Then we looked high and low for the best baby stuff we could find. But when it came to skin care and clothing, the choices weren’t just mind-boggling, they were frustrating.


What’s safe? What’s healthy? More importantly, what’s not? And why does everything that’s supposed to be so good for kids cost so much? So, we decided to do something about it.


Our clothing line was already in the works when our second little girl arrived. What we wanted seemed simple enough: fun, fresh baby and kids wear that’s safe and super-durable. And we only had two conditions: it must be “Made in the USA,” and everything had to be natural. Easy, right? Not so much. It took us two years to track down the U.S.-grown cotton, the natural dye house and the non-toxic printers who shared our same vision. But it was all worth it.


Right as we were about to launch our clothing line, the mother of all opportunities landed in our lap. We received a note from the mom-owned company that made the skin care products we were using on our own kids. They were closing their doors— immediately. The owner wanted to spend more time with her family. Fair enough.


We’d already spent countless hours finding products we not only trusted but actually worked. This company handcrafted their products with love and care. They were organic, all natural, gluten-free and sustainable. They got our youngest daughter through nasty bouts of eczema. They eased our oldest daughter through raw, red diaper rash. We knew we couldn’t live without these amazing products.


Crazy us, we asked, “would you ever let someone else make your products?” With that simple question, Nyme Organics was born.


Now, our mission for skin care and clothing is clear:

  • Craft the safest, healthiest, purest and most effective children’s products on the planet.

  • Create valued, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

  • Contribute to the economy here at home by proudly making all of our products in the USA.


Welcome to Nyme Organics,

Lauren & Cameron Penn



Well, we brainstormed a bunch of names but nothing really resonated. They were too “cute.” Then one day, we were sitting with our oldest daughter and it just hit: Nyme, as in “seven, eight, Nyme.” That’s how she learned to count, and it became one of those tender little moments that make moms and dads smile. We loved it and now our family will forever be part of our brand.