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Made In The USA

Why "100% American Made"?

It’s simple: Americans still make super cool, stylish, built-to-last products. Because every time you click the “Buy” button it keeps and create jobs in our own backyard.


But our plan goes a lot deeper than “Made in the USA.” Our products are rooted in neighborhood craftsmanship and we spend a ton of time getting to know our farmers and suppliers. They’re the West Texas families who have grown organic cotton for decades; the northern Wyoming farmers who figured out how to naturally grow gluten-free oats; the South Carolina mills that spin the organic cotton yarn into fabric; and the North Carolina mom-and-pop shop that does our all-natural dyeing


Nyme Organics isn’t just “100% American Made.” Nyme Organics means proudly grown in Texas and New Mexico; proudly harvested in Wyoming; proudly stitched, hand-dyed and printed in the Carolinas.


Did you know?

  • 6 million manufacturing jobs left the U.S. between 2001-2009, mostly due to outsourcing.
  • In 1960, more than 95% of all clothing sold in the U.S. was American-made. By 1991, it was down to 56%. In 2012, “Made in the USA” accounted for only 2% of all clothing sold in America.
  • American consumers could create more than 200,000 new jobs here at home just by buying 1% more products Made in USA.