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Skin Care


Our Nyme Organics skin care collection consists of some of the safest, purest products you’ll find anywhere. When we say “all natural,” we mean “all” natural. No toxins, chemicals or metals.

We use only ingredients you know— like olive oil, coconut oil, lavender, marshmallow, mandarin, cocoa butter and chamomile— and every one of them is Certified Organic and Certified Gluten-Free. We also make our manufacturing 100% transparent: we tell you exactly what’s in each product and why we carefully select these ingredients.

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  1. Nyme Newborn Bundle

    A must-have around the house or on the go for anyone wanting all-natural, organic skin care for their little ones.

    Each Nyme Baby Bundle bundle contains all the essentials to keep delicate and sensitive skin clean, protected, soft and nurtured.

    These bundles are ideal for travel too, or just to sample each of Nyme Organics' best-selling products.

    Essential Baby Bundle is a $50+ value for just $39.95.

    Premium Baby Bundle is a $100+ value for just $79.95

    See individual product information below for Essential and Premium Bundle details.

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  2. Bluebird Castile Soap Family

    You finally found a body wash that kids love and parents can trust. Bluebird Castile Soap is entirely plant-based (yes, plant-based!) and it contains just seven all natural, organic ingredients. No harsh surfactants, chemicals or synthetics. We use only aromatherapy quality essential oils for fragrance.

    Just one pump of our super foaming bubbles from our hands-free container, and that's all you need to leave skin soft, smooth and squeaky clean.

    Bluebird Castile Soap is available in two sizes: 6.3 fl. oz. Foamer and 32 fl. oz. Value Jug.

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  3. Bun Glaze Family

    This is it: "The Original," the one that started it all.

    Bun Glaze is non-greasy, non-grainy, non-medicated and comes in an air-free, mess-free container that sucks out every last drop.

    Soothing botanicals like chamomile and calendula help cool and comfort sensitive skin, while beeswax and cocoa butter create a natural barrier against moisture and bacteria. Loaded with natural Vitamins A, D and E and 100% free of fragrance, zinc and titanium.

    Bun Glaze is available in 1.7 fl. oz. ($7.95) and 3.2 fl. oz. ($12.95) airless pumps. 

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  4. Hulababy Bar Soap

    Hulababy is our natural, long-lasting bar soap that's super mild. We handcraft Hulababy with aloe and calendula to naturally moisturize, condition and soothe skin. Rich, luxurious lather makes it the perfect cleansing bar for babies and bodies of all ages. Hulababy is so gentle you can even use it as shampoo!

    Hulababy Bar Soap is available in two options: individual 3.75 oz. bars ($7.00) and a 4-pack ($24.00). With regular use by a single person, each bar typically lasts one month.

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  5. Oatmeal Cookie Bath

    Nothing relaxes your little ones (or a busy mom) more than a warm bath. We combine Certified Gluten-Free oats, marshmallow root, calendula and chamomile to create a calming, gentle cleanser that will nourish and restore skin. 

    We include reusable muslin drawstring bags with every order to help you squeeze out and release the creamy blend of ingredients (and keep the tub tidy too!).

    Oatmeal Cookie Bath is available three sizes: 2 oz. Travel Size ($4.00), 8 oz. resealable bag ($14.00) and 16 oz. resealable bag ($26.00).

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  6. On The Spot (2oz Twist-up Stick)

    It’s an itchy world out there and this no-mess, multi-purpose stick tackles it all. Our combination of Shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil keeps skin smooth and leaves it feeling refreshed in any condition. Use it on elbows, knees and shins, even faces.

    We make it easy to carry too. On the Spot comes in a convenient twist-up stick that slides easily into a purse or diaper bag.

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  7. Rubbit Oil

    Rubbit is the ultimate lightweight bath and massage oil, and the perfect alternative to baby lotions. Vitamins A, D and E, and the skin-healing flowers of calendula moisturize all-day, while the light scent of mandarin blossoms leaves baby smelling clean, but still quintessentially baby.

    Some of our moms even sneak a little to use on stretch marks or post-shave for silky smooth skin.

    Rubbit Oil is available in two sizes: 2 fl. oz. and 4 fl. oz. pumps.

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